[* when free speech is used as method of attack to cause an opposing group to close down an event, a political speech or event or to close down the opportunity to speak to the public as concerning opposing political view it is no longer free speech but a terror attack. a political attack, a illegal event normally used by criminal elements of dictators alleging to be democratic but in all reality being thugs. Including Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter and Move-On.Org are in fact acting as political hack organizations funded by those whom desire to use underhanded means to shut down opposing organizations under the guise of alleged free speech]

Long Ago Men And Woman Were Not Offered The Great Honor Of Speaking Their Minds.. And Then The Constitution Of The United States In Great Leaps And Bounds From Anything Ever Proposed In The History Of Mankind Became Reality And Soon Amendments And Court Actions Broke All Bounds!

They Took It Upon Themselves To Use It To Silence Others Whom They Disagreed With.. Used The Very Great Tools They Begged For To Silence Others.. A Reversal Of Fortunes So To Speak, A Venezuela And Cuba And Socialist African Nation That Sees It’s 100 Year Old Dictator Crying Out That He Supports Free Speech …..but Only Within His Prisons…

Am I Stupid For Never Having Learned Grammar In My Poverty Of 3 Months Of Fifth Grade Sir! And Only 10,000 Books Of Reading? Will You Next Use Your Own Version Of Protest Free Speech To Close My Tongue Of Writing Due To My Lack Of Grammar!

We Recognize Your Version Of Free. In Speech Those Like Bernie For President Minions, Along Side Those Of Your Friends In Black Lives Matter, Who Do Not Matter At All Concerning Tens Of Thousands Of Their Own Killing One Another On The Streets Every Week, Joined Hand In Free Speech Hand To Use Your Version Of Free Speech As A Mechanism To Terrorize Thousands Of Innocent Citizens Practicing Their Right To Attend Political Assembly, Whom Have Never Harmed Anyone. Yes Those Whom Received Your Free Lessons In Your Version Of Free Speech In Chicago!!!!!!!!!

No, You Do Not Practice Free Speech In Your “Secret” Memos To Your Dominions Of Slaves For They Actually Support Not You Nor Your Ideals But The Large Power Brokers Whom Utilize You And The Outcome Of Your Efforts.. Which In The Long Term Will Not Be What Any Of Us Desire. The Re election Of The Very Same People You And Your Father, Supported For 50 Years..




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