Thank God An Attorney General In SESSIONS At Last!
Listen To The Rock The 9th District Court Came Up With Some Story About Rights Of The Immigrant And States As Pertains To Our Constitution! Only Problem There Is The Fact Immigrants Went Enmass To Protest At The Airports Correct???? They Used Their Alleged Right To Protest Against Potus Trump! Correct? If This Is Correct, Whether Right Or Wrong, It Brings Into Question Whether Or Not The Immigrant Has Any Rights Under The Constitution.. Correct? And If The 9th District Liberal Justices Want To Be Correct, Then Why Are The Immigrants Not Held To The Oath To Defend That Constitution And Respect It And Our Flag And Stand For The National Anthem! Mmmm At Least Wave The Flag In Protest??
Make Sense? “Should All Immigrants Take An Oath To Supporting The Constitution …..and Flag”??? Now That Would Be Worthy Of Our Time And Effort —and The See The Stupidity Of Some Of The Responses! Rather Than Asking If A Green Card Holder Should Have The Right To Vote, It Should Be Do They Take An Oath As Prescribed By All Naturalization Citizens, Even Though They Are Not Technically Citizens!
After All, We Have Men And Woman Whom Join The Various Military Services Whom Take An Oath To Defend The Nation And Constitution Whom Are Not Citizens! They Enjoy Most Of The Freedoms Of Protection? .. Do You Realize How Many Millions Come Over On Visa And Green Cards!
Green Card Holders Have Just About Most Rights They Have To Be Like Mike So What Should They Not Have To Take An Oath!
Every Year!! Every Summer? Every Semester Students And High Tech Workers H-1b H-2b Summer Worker The List Is Crazy Full! And If Some Of Them Do Not Like It They Can Move And Or Study/work In/to Syria…..
If You Are In Our Country Working And Living And Enjoying Your Freedom You Should Support Our Flag Our Constitution. At Those Airports You Rallied No?
You Protested That You Had Rights Under Our Constitution That 9th District Court Said You Had Rights So How Can You Protest And Not Include Our Flag Or Our Constitution If In Fact It Gave Your Zazz The Right To Protest How??
What Did You Just Select That One Right To Protest And Not The Rest? Hell No You Won’ Go??? I Say You Should Respect Our Flag And Our Anthem And Our Constitution! So Oath Baby Oath!

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