to know or not

to know or not
Many Americans whom voted for Trump did so because it was billed a battle to elect a President whom cared for all Americans -Including Democrats, Independents, People Of Color, People of other than Christian Beliefs and Young People! Trump drove home those points. Supporters of Hillary and Bernie should join him. DEFEAT HILLARY!& FIX THE SYSTEM and Make America Great Again!

While I do not consider myself a Cog in any Wheel of this election, I did in fact write 180 articles & produced many times that in replies of defense and offense for Our Man President Elect Trump! For 17 months I surely spent many a night writing, posting to 20 Trump FB Sites, other sites and many of my own, and to others Anti and Pro Trump postings!

An Independent w/Republican, Democrat & independent Siblings, Children, Relatives & Friends, I supported TRUMP & His Message– Yet I find peeps degrading those whom are not REPUBLICAN? Posts are appearing directed towards DEMOCRATS? The very Party members whom crashed the BLUE STATE’S DEMOCRAT FIRE WALL! Did they not vote Trump? Trump did not say JOIN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY or FOCUSED on party lines when he said “WE HAVE TO FIX THE SYSTEM IN WASHINGTON”—A TRUMP TRAIN RAILWAY LINE NOT PARTY LINE TO CHANGE FOR ALL PARTIES AND ALL AMERICANS– A SLAP AT THE STATUS QUO THAT IS MORE THAN A SINGLE PARTIES CREATION!

Recall that established Republican House members and party Leaders denied Trump!

Are not all American’s part of this revolution to fix a broke system –or are those who crashed that Blue Line States Fire Wall Traitors to their cause! After all, as DEMOCRATS they placed the most significant votes that assure Trump’s Presidency!

Must I state that the System did not break based on just one party or persona mind you! Our woes were created by a system that includes Wall Street, Lobbyists, Corporations, Competing Special Interests and ALL THE POLITICAL Parties!

A case in point of these allegations of hate, Two of my Daughters are Republican, One a Democrat, one a Bernie Supporter. That last one is Jas Scarfone. A Bright, Hard Working, Giving, Respecting, Loving Young Lady. whom, irregardless of health issues since birth, at 5 years old she contributed & assisted in a Ministry, Worked, ran an online store. and when hit with recurrent serious issues 5 months before her high school graduation, while attending school online, rose up and continued her Photography Training on her own and eventually started a business and freelances for an awesome fellow business woman– she a Republican!

And, not all of those protesting are/were violent rebels,jerks, idiots, scum or any other derogatory term, many are like Jas and Brittany, two daughters in the midst of the storm, they supported some of those protesting! They say it is their right to protest and believe they did so because of fear, worry and the facts of what some of you are writing: HATE!!

Are those peeps who were asked, begged and prayed to buy a ticket on the Trump Train not part of the Trump Train now? While none of my Daughters participated in the protests, if they did? I would not say a word.

Even I am not free from attack! When I point out that some of those non-violent protesters are Young people in serious financial straits due to the burden of mandatory PART TIME employment & a 29 hour ceiling per week because business’ are not hiring full time, I am challenged with ignorant reply!

Take ER , a young man whom whom I know was absent of posts for much of the 18 month run and knows JAS, SAID: “She and others should simply get another part time job”, DUH, I call that IGNORANT.

Her partner works double jobs, a manager in one and a server in another, BTW: The IRS take a percentage of his pay based on the totals of his shift checks. one week his salary of 2.5 dollars an hour plus tips were deducted = $150.00 based on alleged amounts of the check tips– and though he only made half that in actual tips, a 30% portion was “tipped out” –given to other servers. He received no over time……

Replies like those of ER and Others, against Democrats, Independents, and Young Citizens 18 to 21,are a form of either hate or ignorance –look up the words ER!

Working two jobs to make a fair living wage is not easy to do! Let me show another fact:.

For ER’s Benefit, He knows my other daughter, BRITTANY! She is working as head baker from 8 at night to 6 in the morning.; she bakes all night and also serves people whom come in all night! 10 hrs a day! She is listed as a MANAGER, why? No over time. She graduated baking School and has an associate degree, she is making only 500.00 a week! BTW: with the allegations that young peeps do not work hard enough [ER’s thoughts!] she also worked a part time job as manager and drove for UBER until the hours were killing her!

CALLING FOR YOUNG PEEPS TO WORK TWO JOBS IS NOT NECESSARY<> ER Has a young son, I bet he would change his criticism if it were his son battling the odds!

HEALTH CARE is most important to JAS and others, for her entire life, we, her parents, had to pay egregious payments due to her health issues.Try worrying about a child who is seriously ill and then tell me your ignorance of why her belief in those whom protested w/o violence should not be shot down, beat up, or thrown in jail! Mark my words Sire , the day will come when you shall recall this post!



Elizabeth Cornell Regardless of Party, it’s a choice to vote for who you feel will help the American peeps of all age, etc. It’s not right for people to have to work two jobs to survive, I’ve been there, worked two jobs for 15 straight months while being a single parent and paying a day care and then another person while I worked, did the government care that I was working two jobs to make that income and yet paying out more for child care to enable me to do so? No, they didn’t, I received $15 (that’s fifteen dollars) a month to help pay for child care because of income without regard to paying two babysitters. At that point, I had to consider people that didn’t work by choice and could understand the reasons why some people made that choice. Was it worth it to work two jobs from 8am to 9pm then count time to get ready to go to work and get to and from work. I’m often doubt my choice (I worked because I needed too, not because I wanted to have a home which we were never there and never got to spend time with my child and was too exhausted on weekends. It caused us problems for the rest of our lives. It caused me to go through CFS (Chronic fatigue syndrome), depression and a host of other issues where I will never fully recover from. I don’t know how I got on this issue, but it wasn’t right. Trying to do my best and what I thought was right really took it’s toll and even after years of therapy for myself and my child, we would never be the same. It took years to remember how to do simple tasks such as how I used to unload a dishwasher, cook, etc. One thing I learned in therapy is to accept that things will never be the same and to stop beating myself up and stressing over it, feeling constant guilt and wondering what was wrong with me and why I couldn’t function the same anymore, but to accept that is was OK and sometimes those things just don’t have to be done. I’d advise anyone in such a situation not to work to jobs for more than a few months. I will eventually screw you up and change you forever. Regardless of what party I belong to, I voted Trump. Things need to change.

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