HILLARY Says We Do Not Need New Blood”? And Our Man TRUMP is not Presidential? I say the problem with Congress and the Presidency is that the same individuals continue to be elected irregardless of their collusion and collaboration in events such as the Housing Market/Wall Street Fraud and Bail Outs—. While the people loose out over and over and the middle class suffers.
This “No we do not require new blood” says you are happy with no Term Limits and the fact that both the Senate and House of Representatives get so cozy with the Lobbyists that they sleep in the same bed; working with each other to keep their money ball in play!
New blood does not mean inexperience nor anything you alluded to! Hillary Clinton is Old Guard. Are you not tired of the same situations repeating over and over?
1980’s saw the savings and loan crisis, the Largest Bail out by the Feds at that time and the Penny Stocks Debacle, a few peeps went to prison but the people suffered!
1990’s saw a crazy all out growth based on the Internet! Until it collapsed with World Com, Enron, and the Collapse of all the IPO’S on Companies that simply were Bogus???
The 2000’s it was the Housing Market,
Can you not see what has been happening? I can go on and on.
The fact is at the end of each hyped up spectacular rise in these Bogus Economies they all ended with the Middle Class Paying The Bill????
Each decade we discovered fraud, lies and bogus dealings and the middle class broke and winding up in the hole working for k mart then wall mart and finally in 2008, simply broke and on the streets!
Get it?? New blood is new people with new ideas.
I Am Backing Our Man TRUMP! Why? I will at least be able to say I Broke That Chain Of Continuity And Possibly See Real Change !
I am tired of having my Patrons Over Seas Having To Pay Import Fees and Taxes for my products while their countries ship similar products here with no fees import duties or taxes???
I am tired of the same BS coming from Washington! These free trade deals we offer for friendship while my COUNTRY AND PEOPLE Earn Less And Less….
God bless to you and yours.. Rock Scarfone

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