Whether Or Not Pres.Trump Mentioned “Muslim” During His Campaigning, Is Out To Defeat ISIS, Believes That We Should Not Allow Any More Muslims Into The Usa, Or That All Muslims Should Be Sent Back To Where They Came From, Has Absolutely Nothing What So Ever To Do With His Executive Orders And No Bearing On The Law And Right Of The Executive To Issue His Order!

In Fact, The Courts Have No Reason Under The Color Of Law To Deny These Executive Orders, For The Truth Of The Matter? By The Color Of The Law? The Mere Facts And The Law And The History, All Demonstrate That These Executive Orders Do Not Rely On Anything Pres. Trump Believes, Stated, Or Wants Accomplished. They Are Based On Truth, Facts, History, And Our Nations Safety! If These Orders Are Not Allowed To Proceed, Our Nation Will Soon Experience What The World Is Witnessing In Britain, Germany, Italy And Other Nations Whom Did Not Take The Appropriate Actions That Our President Is Attempting To Do:

In Fact, When Or Where Does The Constitution Limit Executive Powers Based On The Rights Of An Individual To Seek Remedy Under Laws Based On Us Citizenship? THE ORDER CONCERNS PEOPLE Whom ARE Not Us Citizens And Whom Resides In A Country Where The Us Has No Jurisdiction?

The Religious And/or Political Beliefs Of An Individual From A Country Out Side Of The United States Is Not Covered By The Us Constitution Or Bill Of Rights! Let Him Or Her Try And Use These Rights In The United Nations!

Those Citizens Of Nations Wanting To Immigrate To The Us Of A Are Not Even Immigrants Until They Arrive. When Is An Individual Whom Is Not A Us Citizen Covered By The Very Basics Of Our Constitution? Such As The Use If Immigration Courts?” When They Arrive On Our Soil.”

I Am Lost Here! What These Justices Are Stating In Their Opinions Is That The President Cannot Enact A Ban On Immigration Even If They Pose A Risk; Even If That Risk Is Due To Their Faith As Muslims? Even Though They Pose That Risk Because They Are In Fact Muslims From Nations Experiencing Muslim Jihad Warfare!!!

Why? Because Our Commander And/in Chief, And The President Of The United States, Whom Is Commanding Troops On Several Continents, Currently At War With Muslim Armed Forces, Both As Allies And As Enemies, Seeks To Delay Certain Citizens, Whom Happen To Be Muslims In The Majority, From Certain Muslim Majority Countries, From Emigrating To The Us Shores, Due To The Fact That Terrorism Is Rampant!

Whether Or Not Our Executive And President Ever Stated The Facts Of The Terrorism That The World Has Witnessed Only Days Ago, These Facts Are Separate Yet Distinct And Should In No Way Alter The Right Of Our Commander In Chief From Issuing His Executive Orders. There Is No “Grudge” Against Muslims?!

Yet, In Fact, Even If Our Commander In Chief Did Hold An Alleged “Grudge”, The Fact Remains That Their Still Should Not Be Reason Or Cause To Deny The Order! The Vast Majority Of Immigrants Are In Fact Muslims, They Do Pose A Risk, And The Courts Have No Foundation In Law To Over Rule These Facts!



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Published on: May 27, 2017

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