Willow Weeps



Why The Willow Weeps!

From seed to sapling it grew non-stop
On the tall majestic Mountain’s top
It spread its boughs and sank its roots
Deep into it’s fertile boots
But fear it did, though strong and stout
“What if the rains cease an’ begins a drought”
Soon it sheltered friends who came,
Shared its bounty all the same
Wood and branch, leaf and nut,
An’ a hollowed trunk, the squirrels cut.
But fear it did, though huge and healthy
“Will this land stay sound and wealthy”
As the years swept by the mountains stock . . .
Landslides, mud-slides, soil and rock
Sheared of gravel Lose of friend
All alone it began to extend
But fear it did, for soon it plain
All of its friends chose to abstain
Over the side of the now craggy cliff
Full of worry and in a tiff
Its crown became crooked,twisted and knurled
Its knotted trunk,lumped with burl
Full with fear, though holding on;
“What will happen when I am gone?”
Bent from storms, reaped in pain
It teetered against the wind and rain,
On a few scraggy roots, all it had left
Deeply tucked, in the now barren cleft.
And fear it did, all the more
“What does the Lord have in store?”
On the brink of disaster, the end of its keep
It’s shadow discovered, and it began to weep
And as it wept, for a hundred years
It soon discovered, It had lost its fear!

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all rights reserved
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